Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Now this time we are living in a era of technology. That makes our life more easier and faster by invent many kind of electronic device and services. In today’s time of technological advancement and it is try to help you by many kind of different smart way for express your love with your beloved one.

Yeah, today we are talking about love SMS Bangla send via social network and also mobile network. In today's world social network is a common communication systems for everyone. Everyday huge amount of people are connect with internet and social media. They are used this platform many kind of different way. Cause it becomes very easy to share your thoughts and your internal feelings your special one or whole world. You can drive your thoughts via social media platform satus like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, IMO and Google hangout etc.

When you first time fall in love your crush, then what should you do? You go and directly propose her! no it's not a proper or right way manage someone. So, you should need to take some technical initiative to convince her/him. You can convince her via message. This article We will try to help you to get your love with our ultimate collection Of Love Sms Bangla status and quotes.

Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Still now I remember this day when I was saw her for the first time in our area. She was a newcomer in our colony before five years. After that everyday I will try to share my feelings with her, but don't do it. Every time I was comeback with failure. Then I should decide and find new way to propose her. Then I login my facebook account and search her by his name and send a message about my feelings. After three hours later she was replied me, she was accept my prosed say "Love you too".

You know what? why I would share my love story? I hope you will get some inspiration thoughts after reading above article. I know that after read out my story you will definitely took back you Smartphone or laptop and connect via internet by express your feelings by updating your account status. We will try to collect best Love Sms Bangla message idea for you. below you can find a beautiful sms list of Bangla love status that helps you express your internal love and these memories definitely bring a smile on your face after years when you look back to your earlier life.

Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend
Kichu brishtir jol osru hishebe nilam
Kichu phuler kanta bethya hishebe nilam
Kichu shuk nirdabi kore dilam
Kichu dhukkho dhaar hishebe nilam
Obosheshe kichu golap shuvechha hishebe dilam
Life is citycell, palabe kothaye?
Love is aktel, ek dhap agiye
Friendship is banglalink, ajibon meyad!
U&me is grameenphone,
Durotto jotoi hok kache thako shobsomoy!
Tumi jol chao na
Ami tomay bristy debo
Tumi phul neo na
Ami tomay bagan debo
Tumi raater tara khujo na
Ami tomay chaad-ta ene debo
Tumi bishonno theko na
Ami tomay ador debo
Tumi birohe theko na
Ami tomay pran bhore bhalobsha debo
Kichu raat shopner
Kichu smriti koshter
Kichu shomoy abeger
Kichu kotha hridoer
Kichu manus moner
Kichu bhalobasa sara-jiboner
Hoyto tomai valobeshe kore chilam bhul,
Taito akhon dicchi shei vul-er mashul
Ful bhabe tumari sudhu kortam sadhona
Tai mone hoy soite hocche katar jontrona
Jotota bhalobasa peyechi tumar kach thake
Dushtu ei mon chai aro besi pete
Ki jaani tomar modhe ki achhe
Ei mon chai tumake aro beshi kache pete
Kichu smrity je bhula jaay na
Kichu mukh mon theke mucha jaay na
Kichu kotha chasta koreyo bhula jay na
Tomakae je bhuleo bhula jaabe na
Chaadke bole aktu aalo dite pari tumay
Sei alote dekhe nio poran vore amay
Batas hoye uriye nebo megheri upore
Shondya hole puja debo tumar apon ghore
Mon chute jaay dur ojanay
Kon isharay kothay haray
Kichu bujhi na
Tobu hashi bhalobashi
Thaki tomar pashapashi
Olpo olpo kotha theke kotha malar brishti hoy
Chutto chutto golpo theke valolagar srishti hoy
Majhe majhe sms dile shomporko ta mishti hoy

Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Girlfriend

Tomay niye shopno amar
Tomay niye joto asha
dilam tomay amar hridoy bhora bhalobasa
Chaad hotam jodi akash-ta tomay ditam
Megh hotam jodi bash-te tomay ditam
Pakhi hotam jodi gaan shunatam
Ful hotam jodi sunash tomay ditam
Tomi amar moner manush
Tai tomake valobasa ditam.
Bhalo Theko & valo rekho
Tumi jodi 80 years bacho, Tobe
720 ta purnima pabe
160 ta Eid paba
80 ta birthday paba
2/3 ta shurjo Grahon pete paro
kintu amar moto lover 1 jon-ei paba.
Love is best jodi koro test
Love is better jodi dao Letter
Love is beautiful jodi hoy successful
Love is not miss jodi koro lip kiss
Tomar jonno shoibo ami kashto bhori bhori
chaile ami muthoy bhore jibon dite pari
tomake kori je tai eto dhakadaki
tomake valobasi o amar shuna Moyna pakhi
Prithibi ta tomari thak
parle nil rong dio
akas ta tomari thak
kichu ene tara dio
megh tao tomari thak
ektu bhijite dio
Bestota amake deina obosor
Tai bole bhebona amaye sarthopor
jakhane thaki, thaki joto-ei dure
Tumi aacho sarakhon ai hridoy jure
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Collection Of Love Sms Bangla For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
ek mutho misti rodh ek guccho golap,
kichu sonali shopno, sisur komol
amar hridoy rangano valobasha dilam tomake
Ami bhalobasitomake
tumi keno bujho na amake
manuser beche thakar jannu niswahser proyojon
amar beche thakar jonno tumake proyojon.
I Love You
Kichu shomoy ashe hariye jabar
abar kisu shomoy ase khuje nie dhore rakhar
kokhono shomoy ashe bujhe nibar
bujhe dibar kichu shomoy ase shomoyke kaaje lagabar